London Water Filters

The conscious alternative to bottled water


Call Simon on 07956 237 221

Filtered Water System - for all your kitchen's needs

kitchen sink with a standard filtered-water dispenser

Pure drinking water system installed for you in just under 30 minutes. All parts supplied and fitted. The filtration system is plumbed in under your kitchen sink. A new drinking water tap is mounted above.

Enjoy delicious freshly filtered water

Penny Coins Glass of drinking water Humming Bird
Saves you time.
Filtered water dispensed at the touch of a lever.
Better than fiddling with slow filtering jugs.
Saves you money.
Cheaper than bottled water.
Quality water for less than 1p per litre.
Kinder to the environment
Reduces plastic polution.
Lessening traffic congestions and carbon emissions.
Ideal for London's Hard Water
Removes excessive limescale
Protects your kitchen's appliances from build-up
Funny tastes and smells are now gone.
Tap water will taste clean, fresh and clear.
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